TUMZANTORUM is a new occult anthology in book format. Occult agnostic in nature, it highlights a variety of paths including Typhonian, Spiritist, Left Hand Path, Tantric, Hermetic, Masonic, Rosicrucian, Voudon Gnostic, Thelema, Witchcraft and others. It is a showcase for writers and artists who are engaged with their own praxis and development.


Wordcount: Maximum submission size is 6,000 words. Please include your name in the filename of submissions.

Style: Essays exploring occult ideas or practice are preferred, although consideration will also be given to poetry and fiction.

Artwork: Colour photographs/illustrations may be submitted but these will be reproduced as greyscale/black and white images.

Biography: A short biography, which may include a photo, social media/website addresses, publications etc. is welcomed.

Payment: Contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the soft bound book on publication. Please ensure that you include a postal address with your submission.

Next closing date for submissions : 31st January 2021 e.v.

To be considered for inclusion, contact the editor in the first instance: