Series: Sabbatica
Genre: Occult
Publisher: ZOSHOUSE
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B08G9L6Y98
SABBATICA: VOLUME VI - Black Alchemy & Necromancy, explores descending into the underworld and connecting with the spirits of the dead, and how in this context we can experience a deep level of psychic, and spiritual transformation. It is a deep process of black alchemy, in which the adept dies in an spiritual way and is reborn transformed from the universe's womb, as an isolated individual always moving in different realities of perception through an amalgam of mysterious currents and understanding of the myriad mysteries of death and the dead.
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About the Book
SABBATICA: VOLUME VI features essays by Lukasz Grochocki, Raven Orthaevelve, Bill Duvendack, Zemaemi Djehuty, Sean Woodward,  Raven Stronghold, Waylon Szerszynski, Sorsha Runarius, Shawn Frix and Edgar Kerval.
SABBATICA: VOLUME VI also includes artwork by Sean Woodward, Lukasz Grochocki, Edgar Kerval and Chris Undirheimhar.
EDGAR KERVAL is a draconian magician and occultist that has manifested his work in writing, music and art, focussing on deep states of consciousness and gnosis. With intense integrity and passion he demonstrates the qualities of an adept who exemplifies the artist-magician
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