Series: Sabbatica
Genre: Occult
Publisher: ZOSHOUSE
Publication Year: 2020

This is a volume conjoined in arcane gnosis in order to evoke the primal path, that lead us to the sacred knowledge pouring forth from secret vessels of sabbatic mysteries.

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About the Book
Edited by EDGAR KERVAL, a draconian magician and occultist who has manifested his work in writing, music and art, focussing on deep states of consciousness and gnosis. With intense integrity and passion he demonstrates the qualities of an adept who exemplifies the artist-magician.
SABBATICA: VOLUME V features essays by Łukasz Grochocki, Sean Woodward, Jack Grayle with Ella Von Cosel & Matt Gridley, Humberto Maggi, Tay Köllner/Xul-luX, Zemaemidjehuty, Baal Kadmon, Michael Hyson, Aion 131, S. Connolly, Nikolai Saunders, Zulakara Taafu and Raven Stronghold.
VOLUME V also includes artwork by Sean Woodward, Gary Rosenberg and Vide Supra Hoc Planum.
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