QLIPHOTH: OPUS EIGHT: The Witchblood Kala

QLIPHOTH: OPUS EIGHT: The Witchblood Kala

QLIPHOTH: OPUS EIGHT - The Witchblood Kala, explores descending into the underworld and connecting with the spirits of the Witchblood

It includes Kali Tantra, Kali Ma and Sorecerous workings whilst studying the art of necromancy, the cosmic workings of the Abbe Boullan, astrological examinations and witchcraft.

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About the Book

QLIPHOTH: OPUS EIGHT features essays by Raven Stronghold, Leonard Dewar, Oskar Myrberg, Asenath Mason, Sean Woodward, Bill Duvendack, Lukasz Grochocki, Sorsha Runarius and Michael Hyson.

QLIPHOTH: OPUS EIGHT also includes artwork by Arturo Royal & Sean Woodward.

Series: Collected Essays
Genre: Occult
Publisher: ZOSHOUSE
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Arturo Royal & Sean Woodward
List Price: 39.00
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