ARCHONIX: The Chronicles of Leng

ARCHONIX: The Chronicles of Leng
Series: The Leng Mythos
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: ZOSHOUSE
Publication Year: 2020
The Virr came from another universe and their touch was corruption. Space withered, stars failed, civilisations were forced to migrate across the stars to a distant world known as Atlan.
In the Orion system, the technology of the Architects became infected, causing them to be exiled to the cold world of Leng. On Earth, a secretive group known only as The Cabal have discovered remants of those technologies, such as the fabled time machine of Brompton Cemetery and are in a race to prevent the Virr from discovering that Atlan is Earth.
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About the Book
• Journey to the icy plateau of Leng in THE FALL OF LENG
• Marvel at the Age of Steam and The Gentleman Ape in NECRONAUTS OF LENG
• Travel aboard the London-Mars Express with the mystic Sir Aleister Crowley in THE CRYSTAL PARLIAMENT
• Discover the dread race of the Virr, the Archons themselves in EARTHWALKERS OF LENG
• Learn of the most famous of the Shadow-Architects, the sorcerer ZAL, in NECROMANCER OF LENG
“This is a volume which I have been looking forward to for some time and I will encourage all of you who take an interest in fantasy fiction, horror, sci-fi, Lovecraft, Voudon-Gnosticism and Typhonian Magic to keep an all-seeing eye out for this!” – Kyle Fite
For the first time new works compliment this collection, such as:
• WATCHERS OF LENG – An ancient satellite has been studying the Earth for millenia
• POET-KING OF LENG – Can Navlon Al’Aqah find enough material in the Shipyards of Pugh to illuminate The Book of Veils?
• BLOODSTONES OF LENG – Fabled emblems of the Oracle of Leng, a priestess of the vampric Breed race
• PATRIARCH OF LENG – Jack Starskin is a stargazer booth owner in the pilgrimage city of Terra Magna 7, who becomes embroiled in the mysteries of the city
• HOUSE OF LENG – The Etcher of Awe, the Goldsmith Extraordinaire, and the Watchmaker without Equal. Hugh de Rochefort could trace his family back across the English Channel. Soon he would find himself embroied in the activities of the Assembly of Bazaxas
• STARWALKERS OF LENG – In the 54th Century the boundaries between the world of flesh and the world of spirit had fallen away as the Architects brought their technologies to the aid of mankind
Over 500 pages with a cover designed by the author.
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